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Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas from Fivecat Studio (2013)

Click this link for a slide presentation from Fivecat Studio to you:

A Few Tips for Architectural Interns from Bob Borson and Friends

Bob Borson from Life of an Architect blog published a great post today about Architectural Interns. It includes tips, suggestions and requirements from some of Bob’s friends, including me.

If you know an architectural intern or a recent grad looking for work, this is a must read.

Fivecat Studio on Facebook and Twitter

Have you missed me?

I have moved my daily online communications to the Fivecat Studio Facebook and Twitter stream. The blog format is a great place for more developed ideas and I will continue sharing commentary here at Living Well in Westchester on a monthly basis.

On the Fivecat Studio Facebook I share photos and comments on current and recently completed projects at Fivecat Studio. You’ll find information on projects not yet posted to

I post to Twitter most every weekday evening between 7:30 and 11:00 PM. I use Twitter to share links to new products and interesting tidbits from the many industry blogs I follow on a daily basis.

So, click the links… “like” the Fivecat Studio Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I think you’ll like what you find.





Election Day. Please vote. It’s not hard.

Show up. Wait on line. Enter the booth. Flip the tabs. Pull the lever. Done.

In order to make it even easier, here are a few tools to help.

Photo by my brother. Thanks Scott.

Legend Weekend at Sleepy Hollow


At Philipsburg Manor, lit by candle lanterns and bonfires, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow lives and the Headless Horseman still rides! During this wildly popular, classic Halloween event, the grounds transform into a haunted landscape visited by goblins and ghosts from Hudson Valley folklore. Wander through at your own pace while ghouls, witches, pirates, and apparitions come eerily to life.

Don’t miss the Brothers Whalen spooking at the very highest level during Legend Weekend Nights. Check ‘em out above. I would not want to meet them on a dark night.

Click here for more information and tickets

Upside Down House

This link was just posted by John Henry over at the CORA Forums.

I Have Faith…

So, the banks are still playing musical chairs, the stock market is welded to the Dragon Coaster (up 900, down 700… “good times”) and confidence in the economy has essentially evaporated worldwide. Most of us have not experienced such a time of economic chaos.

…but, I am an optimist. I stopped watching the tickers and turned off the news channels. My investment statements are going directly to the file cabinet, unopened. I look to the future.

I have faith. The banks (the 2 or 3 that remain) will find their seats, the markets will regain their strength (they always do) and confidence is a matter of a few good weeks of bull market. The economy will bounce back. The only question is, when? How long will it take?

What do you think?

AZEK: Primer or No Primer?

I received a comment on one of my posts about painting AZEK trim and mouldings.

Duncan wrote:

I keep hearing and reading that AZEK can be painted. No one i’ve found has mentioned anything about “priming” the boards before painting. Is this a requirement? or does the primer affect the bonding of the paint?

Their technical bulletin prescribes several products for painting AZEK. Some require a first coat of primer, others don’t. If you use Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint with VinylSafe Technology, you will not need primer.

As a case study, we broke all the rules on our house. We painted our AZEK trim using Benjamin Moore latex. The dark color we selected has a very low LRV and we used no primer. Twelve month in, it’s still looking great.


The US Green Building Council has partnered with the American Society of Interior Designers’ Foundation to create REGREEN, a 182 page guide for green renovations.

I posted a link over at Westchester Green where you may download a complete copy for free.

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