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Things That Matter Most: Lessons Learned from a Boy and His Boat

There are times in a man’s life when he just needs to stop and focus on the things that truly matter most. This past August was one such time for me. My son Henry and I built a boat.

Yes… a real, wood, floating, boat. It was an amazing experience.

I posted the story of Henry’s boat over at the Entrepreneur Architect blog.

Fivecat Christmas: The Holiday Card

Every October Annmarie starts sketching and developing her ideas for the annual Fivecat Christmas holiday card.

This year, come join our “furry family” on a winter adventure at the slopes of Fivecat Crossing.

To our extended Fivecat Family (clients, contractors, consultants and all our “fans” and “followers“… from everyone at Fivecat Studio, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season.

Download Fivecat Christmas 2011

Meet “Dozer”, the Pillows for Puppies Mascot

After weeks and weeks of sorting through numerous* entries and tallying the results… We have a winner!

Meet “Dozer the Bulldog”, our new Pillows for Puppies mascot.

Get it? Dozer… as in Bulldozer? As in a sleepy puppy, with pillow in hand…um, err, I mean paw.

Hah!! I love him!

Dozer steps in for our previous mascots, Albert; our beloved golden retriever who left us for doggy heaven several years ago, and Charlie; our white and grey cat who sleeps through most of each day and night. Albert and Charlie graced my blog, the posters and flyers for Pillows for Puppies for many years and did a fantastic job.

In order to freshen up our look this year, and help get the word out about our annual donation drive for SPCA of Westchester and Pets Alive Westchester (two local “no-kill” animal shelters), Annmarie created a new character. His name is Dozer and he was named by my brother, Craig LePage. What do you think? Isn’t he great?

* Technically, we had less than a half-dozen entries, but I wanted it to sound like a real fanfare. :-)

P.S. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding Annmarie’s new illustration website and blog,

Name The Pillows for Puppies Bulldog Mascot

There’s a new mascot supporting Pillows for Puppies, but he doesn’t have a name. Dressed in his best satin PJs and ready for a nap, our new bulldog friend is hoping you can help.

Send us your suggestions and we’ll pick a winner. Be sure to include your name and where you are from, so we can give you proper credit.

…and while you are at it, hit one of the buttons below and help spread the word.

Support Westchester County No-Kill Animal Shelters

We are distributing our new re-designed flyer for Pillows for Puppies IX today.

A link to the flyer is posted below. Please print and post at your favorite deli or Starbucks, forward an email, tweet, post on Facebook, send smoke signals…

Please help spread the word any and every way possible.

Click here to download the Pillows for Puppies Flyer

Pillows for Puppies IX

William St. Patrick Carl LePage, aka Willie, was found tied to a sign post in Orangeburg, NY. No one knows how he got there. Was he abandoned? Was he lost and tied to keep him from running? We’ll never know.

A good Samaritan rescued Willie (he was nameless at the time) and delivered him to an animal shelter. He was cleaned up and offered for adoption. A few weeks later, with no takers, he was put on “death row”.

You see, Willie is a Rottweiler and “forever homes” for abandoned Rottweilers without a health record or history are not easily found. The animal shelter was crowded and the kennel where Willie was living was needed to house “more adoptable breeds”.

He was led to a small room at the shelter, strapped to a cold examination table and prepared for euthanasia.

As the vet technician filled a hypodermic needle with a compound that would quietly and painlessly put Willie “to sleep”, a miracle happened. The volunteer who had been working with Willie, training him and nursing him back to health, entered the room. Willie was missing from his kennel and she was there to give him his daily walk. When the volunteer realized what was happening, she demanded that the dog be unbound. A brief argument ensued and she was given an ultimatum; take the dog home or let him be killed.

The rest is a much longer, much happier story… but in the end, Willie found his way to our home and into our hearts. As I write this post, he is sleeping peacefully, without fear, in the corner of our living room. He has been with us for 5 years.

Willie is an amazing dog and an honored member of our family of three kids, six cats and a guinea pig (all rescues, except for the kids). To think that he was seconds from being put down “to make room”… is a sickening thought.

Part of our mission at Fivecat Studio is to contribute positively to our community and to provide hope and support to those in need. For the past 9 years during the holiday season we have organized the Pillows for Puppies Donation Drive, which collects towels, blankets, leashes, etc, for homeless pets residing at two local “no-kill” animal shelters, Westchester SPCA and Pets Alive Westchester (formerly Elmsford Animal Shelter).

With your help, we can make a difference. Donate today. Clean, new or used blankets, towels, pet beds, food, treats, collars and leashes may be shipped, delivered or dropped off at Fivecat Studio located at 48 Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville, NY.

This year the campaign runs through mid-January. Please help us spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family. Willie, and all his friends in the shelters, thank you.

For more information, download the Pillows for Puppies press release here.

Merry Christmas from Fivecat Studio

Every year, as the summer weather cools, Annmarie starts to sketch. She often spends her autumn weekends developing our annual Fivecat Christmas card.

… and every year we send them out just in the nick of time. The last batch departed the Chappaqua post office this morning.

Each work of art features our own fuzzy family; six cats (I know… it makes no sense.) and two dogs. Every one of them a rescue. We have three beautiful children too, but somehow they rarely make it into Annmarie’s creative world of Anntics. :-)

Scroll to the bottom of this post and download the PDF. It includes a brief profile of each of the characters featured in this year’s card.

The theme of “Fivecat Christmas 2010″ is all about teamwork.

It’s during the Christmas season when we stop to look back at the success of the past year and remember that we could have not done it without our team of architects at Fivecat Studio. Annmarie and I are grateful to have them be an integral part of our grand experiment. (Thanks guys!)

To my loyal readers, I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Everyone at Fivecat Studio wishes you are yours a very Merry Christmas.


A quick administrative note… In celebration of Christmas and the New Year, Fivecat Studio will be closed from Friday, 12/24 through Friday, 12/31. We’ll be back in the studio on Monday, 1/3.

Download your own PDF copy here.

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