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Living Well Link of the Week: PlanetReuse


You want reclaimed building materials in your project. Or, you have these materials to share. We find the best ways to make the connection. Your schedule and budget benefit, and so does the planet. PlanetReuse takes all the hard work out of incorporating reclaimed building material into projects around the globe. We guide you through every step of the process, matching materials to your needs.

Living Well Link of the Week: PlanetReuse

The Time is Right to Redo

an interesting article at supporting my recent article, The Very Hungry Contractor.

Prices for materials are dropping. Construction costs are moving lower as well. If you’re thinking about an addition or alterations, now is the time to get started.


Thanks for forwarding the link Bjorn.

Board and Batten Siding

While looking for more visuals of board and batten siding, I found a great post.

From Build Blog:

Board and batten siding is the underdog of siding systems, but we like it for the following reasons:

  • It has the potential to be visually clean and crisp
  • It has a timeless look and weathers nicely if implemented correctly
  • The system takes the natural expansion and contraction of materials into consideration
  • It’s been around for a long time, carpenters and siders are familiar with it
  • It’s durable

So why isn’t board and batten siding more prominent in modern architecture? A quick Google-image search suggests that most board & batten siding systems are associated with traditional architectures – country cottages and old leaning barns. The word “rustic” comes up often when researching board and batten systems. But technically the system has everything necessary to be a serious, modern strategy for siding. So the BUILD research and development team has put together a guide to board and batten siding systems.

Read more.

Materials World

This is one of the most useful links a designer will ever find.


Find your colors fast here at Materials-World. Whether your looking up the color of a paint, stain, siding, brick, stucco, shingle or a pantone color, we have thousands. Colors for the home. Quick find your chip color using the Google search bar up top. Thousands of charts and chips of house paints, stains, siding (vinyl, aluminum, fiber-cement), bricks, asphalt and fiberglass (fiber-glass) roofing shingles are here. Color accuracy of the chip-sample is not guarenteed – monitor color accuracy and brightness vary. If a high degree of accuracy is important you should get a sample, fan deck, swatch or palette from a store and view it under the lighting scheme where you will be using it. We have hundreds of product lines from dozens of manufacturers.

They even have a full collection of asphalt roofing swatches (Helen and Paul).

Living Well Link of the Week: Materials World


Thanks Mom.

Concreteworks Studio

Concreteworks is a design studio specializing in the craft of concrete. They’ve developed a lightweight concrete-based composite that allows them to fabricate countertops, bath tubs, sinks, tile, furniture and pretty much anything else they can dream up.

Living Well Link of the Week: Concreteworks Studio

The Maine Deck Bracket

The Maine Deck Bracket provides a nice solution for hanging a wood deck. This structural T6 aluminum bracket allows for a nice strong connection with minimal penetration. An air space between the deck and the house is created, which will keep the structural wood free of insects and water.


Maine Deck Brackets are rugged aluminum extrusions, specifically designed for proper attachment of stairs, decks, signs, porches, or any other appendage to buildings or other structural uses. Maine Deck Brackets  allow attachments without creating openings for water, debris, or insects to enter. Our system design is so unique, it’s protected by two patents!

For more installation photos, click here.

Thanks John.

A Message to Manufacturers

My friend Peter is a branding consultant. He’s been contracted by several large corporations (names we all know and love). He is developing a structure in which they promote their many brands to us consumers and design professionals. Occasionally, he’ll stop by the studio to pick our brains.

What makes us specify one product over another?

Well, after we contrast and compare all our options and create a shortlist of the products we like most, we look for CAD files and PDF product specs.

My message to manufacturers… make your products simple to spec. Give us CAD files. Give us cut sheets to share with our clients and give us a simple specification that we can email or print for the contractor. Don’t hide it at the back end of the site. Make it easy to find and make it easy to use.

If our short list includes two products and one gives us CAD file and the other doesn’t. Which do you think we are specifying?

Want a few examples of companies doing it right? Check out Kohler and Subzero/Wolf.

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